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Our Method: Welcome

Political systems in existence today are overwhelmingly corrupt, politically rigged, and obsolete. Nations once considered beacons of freedom have degenerated ethically to the point where true reform would be nearly impossible.

The Ethos Island Project will place an oceangoing city-state (Seastead) in international waters within ten years.


Individual Liberty and the Natural Rights of people will be regarded as inviolable in our small autonomous country. Privatized governance will be established and personal citizen contracts will protect those who reside in a nation based upon the sovereignty of human beings.

The Three Stage method below demonstrates how our floating ocean community will be achieved.

Visit us here to discover how people everywhere can afford to join us.


Working from Home

Online Community

(approximate years: 3 to 5)

Membership is free. Your participation is governed by you. If you approve of the concept we present, just being a member of our community is helping. But if you choose to do so, you will be able to vote on important ideas and communicate directly with our Founders who will listen to your ideas and guarantee a response. We call this Crowd Forming which means that our on-line community helps form our strategies and contributes to the navigation of our journey into the future.

Our Method: Services
Our Method: Welcome
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Let's create a new nation

Help us revolutionize governance across the globe.


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