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Small Airplane

Accessibleto people around the world.

Note to Non-U.S. Citizens:
We plan to have a second boat harbour in the Bahamas so that immigration is made easier for Ethos Islanders.

How It's Paid For

The boat harbor (Stage 2) and the Seastead (Stage 3) will be paid for through the same essential strategy that is commonly used today for building condominium complexes. Buyers pay a private contractor for their individual living space. The contractor uses the money from, as an example, 500 buyers to build a large structure that consists of the living spaces and various facilities that support the complex.


An agreement on exactly how the larger property is maintained and regulated has been worked out far in advance of purchases and people have a thorough contractual agreement for their property/properties.


The condominium structure (or in our case a boat harbor structure or Seastead) is essentially owned by those who have purchased individual units. Through this method, people of modest means can become citizens of new and free societies.


People will live aboard their own vessels in the boat harbor community. Their harbor births can be sold if the boat harbor resident decides to leave the community.

On Seasteads, all home and business structures will be modular so that the owner can take their property with them if they decide for any reason to leave.

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