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Governments on earth today have failed to provide a safe and productive environment for the Natural Rights of human beings. Those of us who have arrived at this unfortunate understanding have also come to realize that the way political systems are established must be revolutionized so that individual Liberty and self-governance can evolve and become less vulnerable to subversion by those in power. Our method is to establish a way for new societies to continuously form and flourish. We believe that people should have any kind of government that is right for them. For this reason we have created this Charter and will construct the first ocean-going, man-made micronation. 
In creating this Charter and planning the first free and completely autonomous country of the Twenty-First Century; it is our hope and expectation that we are setting into motion a design that will protect people from subjugation and exploitation by the very worst and most craven actors in human societies. When people can have any political system that they desire and can freely and perpetually form new governments, it is our belief that the world will become a far more peaceful, safe, and enlightened place for humanity.

We have established the following core principles that are the guiding ethos of our organization in its present Stage-One, On-Line Community


Privatized government: Private contractors will be tasked with all necessary civic functions including the judiciary and security. These contractors can be terminated by citizens and replaced by other contractors at any time. All civic functions are accounted for, and an itemized accounting is available to every citizen once per month showing all activities and expenditures. 

Personal Citizen Contracts: Your Rights and protections are clearly specified in a legally binding guarantee to be scrutinized and signed by you prior to becoming a citizen.

Nation Compact: This compact will be created and ratified prior to the building of a marina, Seastead or any other structure under the guise of the Ethos Island Project. All language will be clear, unambiguous, and there to protect the individual from injury and invasion as its primary purpose

No Income Tax: Fees for civic functions are uniformly the same for all citizens. 

No Political Class: Politicians as we have so tragically come to know them will no longer be needed or tolerated in any way shape or form. 

Rigorous Protection of Individual Rights: You own your own body 100% and are protected by both the Seastead Compact and your own personal Citizen Contract. 

Freedom of Political Philosophy: At the heart of the Seasteading and Micronation movement is the understanding that people can and will have any form of government that is right for them and that no one should force their political beliefs on others. We advocate this understanding above all else.

Equality of Human Beings: All human beings are equal under the law.  There are no exceptions.

The Ethos Island Project is a three-stage endeavor. What is listed above is the simple Charter of our on-line community. Before Stage Two goes into effect we will have a second Charter that will govern the marina or proto-Seastead. There will be a third Charter for Stage Three and our proposed ocean-going city-state. In this way we anticipate a positive evolution of the governing language for each phase of our long-range enterprise. But it must be clear that the core principles listed in this simple Charter will remain completely intact for the entire lifetime that the Atlas Island organization is in existence.

The governance of Ethos Island will be based firmly upon three essential components: Natural Law, the Non-aggression Principle, and privatized civic functions. At Stage II (the boat harbor community) we have given ourselves 3 to 5 years to prepare for life on a Seastead.  It will be during this time where the creation of a Seastead Compact and Personal Citizen Contracts will be finalized based directly upon the precepts underlined above.

The primary objective of our organization is the perpetuation of human sovereignty. We will achieve this through the rigorous protections of well-defined, unambiguous Individual Rights and by privatizing civic functions (including and especially the judiciary) where every aspect of these functions are completely transparent and 100% accountable to citizens.

This will be done to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that nothing even approaching modern-day politicians can arise in our new societies. The private contractors hired to provide our civic functions can be dismissed if they are not behaving in a satisfactory way as judged by Ethos Island residents. New contractors will be hired to replace bad ones. Sandy Springs Georgia has a system in use today based upon this concept.

Our legal system will be established directly upon the tenants of Natural Law and the Non-aggression Principle.  We are currently at Stage I in our III Stage process so there is no need for a codified legal system to be produced at the present time. Once we have reached Stage II which will be in the United States, we must abide by U.S. law. But at that time we will construct a detailed legal structure long before the actual building of an ocean-going city-state has begun. That structure will be devised in full view of all Stage II members. If we have strayed from our core principles in any way, we will expect that people will simply reject investing into Stage III. This is part of our method for retaining integrity.

When our legal system is written during Stage II, we will be assisted by well-educated legal technicians with knowledge of contract terminology. However, that terminology will be modernized, simplified, and made clear. We will seek to leave the mottled past of statutory complexity and ambiguity to the greatest extent that is humanly possible. Our judiciary will be managed by private contractors who answer to the residents of Atlas Island; contractors that can be terminated at the will of a majority of citizens. This means that our legal system will be unlike any national system before it. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for great improvement over what exists at the present time. 

All actions of the judicial system will be made completely transparent to residents of Ethos Island. If a judge is ever understood to have violated the Rights of a resident, the private contractor who has hired and manages that judge will have to answer for the misbehavior and rectify and wrongdoing.

Like our legal system, the governance of Atlas Island will consist of three main pillars: Natural and inviolable Rights, the non-aggression principle and privatized civic functions. The primary objective of our governance system will be designed to insure that the guaranteed protections of cannot be violated for any reason and that no political class can form. Residents of Atlas Island can never vote to remove or restrict the rights of any person or people. 

Like The Natural Rights of Ethos Island citizens will be considered inviolable and will be clearly specified and enumerated in the nation compact, a citizen contract and the legal system. Any infringement upon those rights by any person or group will be regarded as amongst the most egregious acts of criminal misconduct.

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