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About Us


The two main founders of Ethos Island are Jan Spiekermann and William Otey. They are both Ambassadors of the Seasteading Institute. Jan and William started communicating after being introduced to each other following an Ambassador meeting.

They both realized that they had come to similar conclusions regarding Seasteading ventures: 1) there are not enough well-planned endeavors to make floating city-states a reality. 2) going to existing governments to make deals is the wrong approach. 3) Seasteading must be affordable to large numbers of people without the need for wealthy investors or support from any government. 4) Seasteading endeavors should have clear, well-defined stages that allow sufficient time for planning, the development of community cohesion and necessary preparations for advancing to the next phase. Together they developed an achievable 10-year, 3-Stage Method and how people of modest economic means can afford to live in new and free societies.

The Ethos Island Founders make the case for the formation and spread of completely new countries this way: 
It is our belief that establishing a successful Seastead will be phenomenal for those who are part of the first ocean-going city-state. But we also believe it will help inspire a proliferation of ocean-based communities where people can have any kind of political structure that they desire. A badly needed evolution of self-governance can then flourish, and freer and more enlightened societies can develop. 
Ethos Island is dedicated to the following:
·         The principle of non-aggression  
·         An unwavering commitment to Natural Law
·         The Right of all people to have any form of governance that they desire
·         The privatization of governance

Our Charter is the legal fundament of our future oceangoing city-state.


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