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Fortunately, there are many liberty-loving projects, organizations and individuals out there. We hereby would like to present and recommend some of them to you.

However, we do not claim that we are affiliated or that they officially endorse us. The content of the websites is only in the responsibility of the website owners.


The Seasteading Institute (San Francisco, USA)

non-profit organization, think tank

Free Cities Foundation (Triesen, Liechtenstein)

non-profit organization, think tank

University of Užupis (Vilnius, Lithuania)

university of the micronation Republic of Užupis

Bardo Intentional Micronation (Piedmont, Italy)

micronation, mutual diplomatic recognition

Empire d’Angyalistan (Île-de-France, France)

micronation, mutual diplomatic recognition

Spike Cohen (United States of America)

2020 U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate of the Libertarian Party

Stephan Tual (London, Great Britain)

former CCO Ethereum, AI & ML consultant

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