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Newsletter #3: Atlas Island Board Meets Joe Quirk

December 1, 2021

Greetings Atlas Islanders,

The most important progress for Atlas Island since our last newsletter was the meeting we had with Joe Quirk. On the 18th, four of the five board members met with the President of The Seasteading Institute. The meeting surpassed our expectations. It started a bit slow. He may have thought that we were just another group of starry-eyed misfits who had conjured up yet another wacky, Rube Goldberg-style formula involving anti-matter and clandestine investments from Howard Hughes’s great grandson Ezekiel. But about halfway through, it became clear that Joe was starting to truly understand the potential of our 3-Stage method, how it will be paid for, and he began to realize that our organization probably has what it takes to actually place an ocean-going city-state in international waters within 10 years. It was very gratifying to witness this, and we give full credit to Joe for being open-minded and allowing us to explain how we are going to achieve our goals.

Once Joe began to grasp the possibilities of what we have to offer, the atmosphere changed pretty drastically. By the end of the hour and twenty-minute conversation, he was generous enough to offer us the opportunity to place an article about Atlas Island in the Seasteading Institute newsletter. We should reach at least 5,000 people with our message. As if this weren’t enough, Joe is now appearing as an advisor to Atlas Island on our website. He rarely allows his name and image to be used with his permission, so we were all extremely pleased to have him helping us in this way. His encouragement and consultation mean a great deal to us.

After the meeting he emailed us and asked us to review some of his projects. We all gave him the most helpful insights that we could bring forth on 2 videos and 2 pitch decks he’s been working on. This was a great pleasure for us, and we have offered to help him and the Seasteading Institute in any way that we can in the future.

We continue to refine the website and seek feedback if you are willing to give it. And as always, we want to hear from members and listen to new ideas.

We are working diligently toward an eventual launch of our social media marketing campaign. I am shooting my Micronation Revolution Series for YouTube which I hope to have complete within a couple of months.


Will Otey

Co-founder, The Atlas Island Organization


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