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Newsletter #1: Welcome to Atlas Island!

October 1, 2021

Dear Atlas Island Members,

I want to welcome everyone on board and thank you so much for supporting us. We now have five board members. I have been overwhelmed by the caliber of people who have come into our organization. We also now have many excellent advisors who are helping us greatly and we want to grow the number of people who will work with us to make decisions as we navigate our way to a Marina and then onto a Seastead. We highly value you as members and please do not ever hesitate to offer your insights. We will be asking members to vote in the coming months as we move further along.

On October the 7th we are meeting Joe Quirk (President of The Seasteading Institute) at a Zoom business meeting. We expect that he will provide a great deal of knowledge and experience that will help inform upcoming decisions.

One thing I can tell you that is absolute: we have Core Principles stated in our on-line Charter that will never be compromised. We are Classical Liberals who believe in non-initiation of force and individual Rights above all else. We are going to secure the Natural and inviolable Rights of ourselves and those who join us in a new and free ocean-going city-state. We will privatize our limited government and make sure that the private contractors who work for us do exactly what they are contracted to do with complete transparency and total accountability. There will be NO political class at Atlas Island.

What we are going to achieve will help revolutionize how societies are created and run by the citizens who populate those societies. What exists today is tragically obsolete, backward, and utterly disgraceful. Almost every government now in existence is controlled by various corrupt political class politicians who are participating in an age-old racket that can be relegated to the ash heap of history. In the worst cases, literally billions of human beings are enslaved by sociopathic criminals. In being part of this organization I have no doubt whatsoever that you are contributing to the betterment of future generations with the wisdom and generosity of spirit that you exhibit by being part of this endeavor.

Thank you once again for helping us move steadily toward a far better world.

William Otey

Co-Founder: The Atlas Island Project


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