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Newsletter #2: Atlas Island Meets US Transhumanist Party

November 1, 2021

Hello Atlas Islanders,

This is the second newsletter. From now on we will send an update at the first of every month.

We continue to plan and build. Many changes have taken place with the website. Please take a look and let us know what you think of our progress.

I have personally done a three-hour interview with the Chairman of the (Libertarian) United States Transhumanist Party that was broadcast on their YouTube Channel. The interview went really well but there were some bad technical difficulties. I was also approached by BBC producer Mark Fothergill. After a Zoom chat he asked for an interview and two weeks ago we had a one hour recorded video interview. It went extremely well. He is editing it now and we will make it available to members if you’d like to watch it. He has asked for a series of video discussions, and it looks like we will start recording those soon. I know that his BBC management is supporting what he is doing. I’m not sure what they will ultimately do with the material, but it could be very good for Atlas Island if some portion is broadcast.

Our visit with Seasteading President Joe Quirk was delayed. But we are going to meet with him this upcoming Thursday, November 18.

We are working diligently toward our launch, doing all he can in preparing to disseminate our presence through a plethora of social media channels.

I am shooting a YouTube series called The Micronation Revolution Series. We have a video prototype if you’d like to see it.

Thank you all for your support and please let us know if you have any good ideas and we would love to hear feedback on any of our current endeavors.

Best Regards

Will Otey: Co-founder, Atlas Island


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